Introduction to TCN token

Tron network offers varieties of quality assets; however, the majority are not viable on daily basis usage due to their high volatility. TCN token is a new currency generated through decentralized smart contracts on the TRON network and Binance Network. In the future, the TCN token will migrate to its blockchain network known as TechToken Smart Chain aka TSC.

 Techtoken Network TCN

TCN Token comparisons to the meteoric rise of the modern web, blockchain technology have shown signs of tremendous growth potential and transformative power. Just as the internet needed Web 2.0 to engage users with more social, usable, and interoperability functionality, blockchain technology's path to mass adoption hinges upon creating a seamless user experience. While the industry is still young and the potential of decentralized applications remains largely untapped, TCN is positioned to spark Web 3.0 on the TRON network and Binance Network with its revolutionary BApp experiences. .

With its emphasis on high throughput and low transaction costs, the TRON protocol will allow TCN to facilitate widespread adoption of blockchain technology through consumer use cases. TCN Box will be the first Blockchain app that will ever be launched on TRON and Binance and will become the leading application in terms of both user numbers and transaction volume across all major blockchains. Despite numerous competitors entering the market, TCN box has remained on the cutting edge of blockchain Software development because of its superior product and commitment to the community. .

The development platform started with only one title, but now boasts the largest library of apps on the blockchain. Social features, live operations, and events have only been added to the user experience. The platform also aims to give back to the community through events. As TCN box enters the next phase of its platform strategy, this commitment to excellence and community will remain the cornerstone of TCN box's growth.

In anticipation of TCN box's sustained growth, and a strategic investment from the TRON Arcade fund, the team has decided to officially raise funds for TCN box from TCN ( TCN Box will be blockchain's premier development platform for users to trade, socialize, and stake across multiple blockchain ecosystems. The TCN token will be the centerpiece of this new platform. Through behavioural mining, innovative token economy design, and other incentive mechanisms, developers will be given the power to build the best BApps possible, and holders will be enabled to become platform stakeholders as the platform on its path of providing the best blockchain experiences. .

About Tech token Network

As the world's first blockchain-based, high-performance technology development platform, TCN box utilizes the experience of industry experts in both blockchain and traditional tech to build an exceptional blockchain software experience. .

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TCN box will be the world's top BApp in terms of users, transaction count, and transaction volume, topping the charts on both of the top tracking sites BApp Radar and BApp Review. TCN box's daily volume is aimed to be around often around USD 10million with over 4,000 daily active users. Techtoken Network also boasts of the largest communities in blockchain that will actively engage across multiple social channels. The strong social element of this platform binds the community together and gives traders and early adopters reasons to keep coming back. .


TCN intends to leverage TRON's ambition to establish “a truly decentralized Internet” to become the premier blockchain apps development platform across all chains. From our perspective, the TRON protocol has managed to meet expectations by becoming one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world. We intend to take advantage of TRON's high throughput and scalability to provide the best user experience possible for the community we serve.

As blockchain technology proliferates through modern society, TCN will help bring about mass adoption by engaging and educating the everyday consumer.


TCN will utilize the TRON network's 2000 TPS capacity and 3 second block time to provide instantaneous software play and reliable service no matter how big the platform grows. TCN has also developed its scaling solutions that have been implemented in software like slots and poker. These optimizations have pushed TCN 's software play to the forefront of industry standards and the team remains committed to improving the platform's decentralization and usability. .

Free Transactions

TCN puts the user experience first, and that means free transaction costs are a necessity. For software that runs directly on the TRON blockchain, users receive bountiful supplies of energy and bandwidth for staking a small amount of TRX. The TCN platform will also help cover some of these costs by putting up its energy and bandwidth for its user transactions.

Furthermore, TCN will be integrating its scaling solution with new software s that run on the platform to eliminate transaction costs. Software like slots and poker currently run with many more titles to be added in the future. .

Liquidity & Adoption

The TCN team will be working closely with TRON to leverage all the opportunities TRON's rapidly growing TCN ecosystem has to offer. Starting with an IEO, the TCN token will build on top of ANTE's existing demand and liquidity by bringing in stakeholders from TRON, BitTorrent, and other communities across the blockchain.

TRON's strong relationships with industry leaders, including the top exchanges, will facilitate TCN's widespread adoption. In the future, TRON will continue adding utility to the network with TCN being one of the earliest adopters.

  • User acquisition channels: With several upcoming partnerships, TRON will bring Bapps to a pool of over 300 million users. Just like with BitTorrent's community, each new partner community will be introduced to blockchain and cryptocurrency through TCN's Software.
  • Decentralized financial products: Integrations for stable coins, security tokens, microloans, and more will bring new payment possibilities, easier onboarding, and new forms of value generation.
  • Decentralized development infrastructure: Integrations with products like the BitTorrent File System (BTFS) and the SUN network will provide new development possibilities, helping TCN maintain its edge on the competition. The immediate future looks bright for TCN. With the acquisition of BitTorrent and its 100m MAU user base, TRON currently forms the largest decentralized network in the world.

BitTorrent Speed, a blockchain implementation of the BitTorrent protocol, will be the first widely adopted blockchain use case that educates and engages users from across the world on the potential of blockchain technology.

Introducing this pool of users to TCN gives them new opportunities to utilize cryptocurrency and will convert them from blockchain enthusiasts to permanent members of the community. With such synergy between TCN's product and TRON's ecosystem, the limit is beyond the moon.

How Does It Work?
For Developers

The TCN platform provides a set of tools so that developers can focus on creating premium software while the platform takes care of the rest. For the platform's services, the developer will pay a small percentage of their operating income. Developers are encouraged to devise new ways to engage community members and provide incentives through clever economic design.

For the Community

The community of TCN network will benefit as a whole as they join the platform on its odyssey towards becoming the world's leading blockchain application development platform. The more users use our software, the more tokens they will be able to mine. Users will be able to show their loyalty to specific BApps on the platform and mine their tokens bound to individual BApps.

For TCN Holders

TCN token holders are the core of the TCN Blockchain Apps development platform. Every BApp hosted on the TCN platform will share a portion of the TCN with TCN token holders through the “TCN Drop.”

The TCN Drop will take place every day and incentivize ecosystem participants with TRX. The amount of TRX distributed to each user will be proportional to the amount of TCN Power they hold. Participants receive TCN power for staking their TCN tokens. This mechanism will aggregate more activity on the platform and continue to increase the value of TCN.

More details about the TCN Drop system will be released in the future. The team believes this broad token distribution mechanism will help grow a vibrant community engaged with the platform's growth, partnerships, governance process, and more.

Token Economy

TCN Token

TCN token, a TRC20-based utility token, is a TechToken Network platform token. TCN holders are the platform's core user base and will receive numerous benefits for their loyal support of the token. Much like the VIP guests of Vegas Software development establishments, TCN token holders will be treated like blockchain royalty. TCN tokens will only be earned through the Presale, secondary markets, airdrops, and promotional events. The following TCN is a non-exhaustive list of TCN token use cases.

  • Staking and governance rights: TCN will actively encourage its user base to participate as both traders and community members. Users will be able to use their TCN tokens and TCN Power to participate in the governance of the TCN platform. By incentivizing a knowledgeable and engaged community, TCN can improve retention rates and ensure the platform grows in response to player feedback. Read the ecosystem section for more details, and follow TCN's channels to stay up to date.
  • Alleviating resource burn: While the TCN platform will have minimal costs by leveraging TRON's infrastructure, high-volume Traders and BApps that serve a large user base will still benefit from holding and staking TCN. Holding TCN will decrease the number of resources spent on every transaction.
  • Exclusive opportunities and experiences: The TCN and TRON team are veterans within the software development industry and understand how to build hype and create unforgettable software experiences. The recent Binance Charity Poker Cup that was hosted on the platform gave users a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play alongside celebrities like Spencer Dinwiddie, CZ, Justin Sun, and more. In the future, the TCN token will provide access to similar opportunities that can't be accessed on any other platform.
  • Stake for TCN Power: TCN token holders will maximize the value of their tokens by staking for TCN Power. A user's TCN Power will be directly proportional to the amount of TCN that is staked. Staking will occur via smart contract. While staked TCN cannot be traded, sold, or used in any way. To relocate TCN, users must submit a request and wait for a certain amount of time. Users can reclaim all staked tokens. The benefits of accumulating TCN Power will vary between software and continue expanding as more features are added more details coming soon.
  • Distribution of Staking Rewards: TCN will be used to redistribute rewards to those who make the TCN platform possible. The exact staking and distribution mechanisms will be communicated in more detail as the project gets closer to launch. The reward will be distributed in the form of which is a percentage of the revenue from the platform's operations. The reward distribution will happen automatically, with no artificial hoops for users to jump through.

Bapp Tokens

TCN will be an open, non-exclusive platform that supports applications running on different blockchains like TRON, Ethereum, EOS, Binance Chain, etc. There will be no downside to playing software that runs on a blockchain other than TRON. Instead, each BApp will have its utility token that provides extra value. BApp tokens will be uniquely designed to the specifications of each BApp developer and cannot be traded on any secondary market.

Although being unable to trade BApp tokens might feel unfavourable, this decision was made to help the TCN token retain value. BApp tokens will still capture long-term value by giving users exclusive access to TCN token airdrops. The airdrop schedule is coming soon, and more benefits for accruing BApp tokens will be added continuously.

TCN Token Issuance

TCN will create a total issuance of 270 Million tokens. Tokens will be allocated in the following TCN proportions.

Initial Community - 12%

A large portion of TCN will be distributed to the loyal holders that participate in the funding box. When a user goes through the token swap process, they will receive a certain amount of TCN for each ANTE they freeze.

Understandably, there will be concerns over the TCN token's greater supply compared to others. Rest assured, the TRON team has come up with a plan to combat inflation.

  • Limited circulating supply: When TCN is initially released, only a small portion of the token will be in circulation. While most token holders will need to wait through lockups, vesting periods, or both, TCN tokens swapped from exchanges will be immediately available for staking and trading. The initial circulating supply of TCN will only be 20.99% of the total supply. Tokens given to holders will comprise over 57% of the initial circulating supply. Given TCN's vesting schedule, the ecosystem will be given time to develop before experiencing an influx of new tokens: Users will be given ample opportunity to buy or sell TCN and put themselves in the best financial position possible.
  • Incentives to HODL: We foresee TCN's value appreciating as the utility continues being added. At first, utility and value will largely come from airdrops and the TCN Drop. Further on, the introduction of governance, ecosystem fund, and 3rd party developers will carry the TCN token's value accrual.
  • Prestigious partners, advisors, and investors: The TCN rebrand will be an opportunity for new stakeholders to come into an ecosystem. These stakeholders will give TCN new opportunities for partnerships, user acquisition, technological integrations, and more. Users will feel the positive impact immediately with Binance facilitating the TCN pre-sale and TRON investing in the platform's long-term future. More partnerships are coming soon!
  • Massive user acquisition: The Binance IEO, TRON investment, and other aspects of the TCN rebrand will give the platform the resources necessary to improve onboarding and usability to maximize conversions from marketing campaigns to hundreds of millions of users. More users will increase the daily rewards pool and ultimately help the TCN token succeed.
  • Expanding development: TCN will introduce new developer tools, easier onboarding, and support for apps on all public chains. Furthermore, partnerships that bring in AAA-quality Software s will add diversity to TCN's offerings. We project that more software lead to greater user engagement, which benefits all stakeholders on the platform.

Public Sale - 55%

The Pre-sale will take place Q1 2021 Token purchased through this initial sale will have no lockup and will be immediately available for trading.

Airdrop - 5%

Sometime in Q2 2021, TCN will initiate its first airdrop of TCN tokens to holders. This airdrop will distribute TCN, make sure to follow TCN 's announcements to be a part of this momentous occasion.

During the 12 months following TCN the initial airdrop, TCN will distribute TCN (24% of the airdrop allocation) to TRX holders. The same amount of TCN will be distributed every month, but the number of airdrops and how they are structured may vary. For example, some months might feature a single airdrop to all types of token Holders and others might feature several airdrops exclusive to holders of certain BApp tokens. TCN token airdrops will last for over 3 years, with the amount being distributed to increase year over year.

Our airdrops will have no hoops for users to jump through - if you are holding the specified token, you will be eligible for TCN airdrops. All official wallets relaying on TRON's network and carrying the specified tokens will be eligible for TCN airdrops corresponding to the amount they are holding. Exchanges that support the TCN token airdrop will be announced through our social channels. No minimum number of tokens will be required to qualify for TCN airdrops. stay tuned to receive more information on these opportunities.

Platform Development - 7%

Every month, a portion of TCN tokens will be allocated for the growth of the TCN platform. These tokens will be used for hiring additional developers, infrastructure costs, exploring new technologies, and more. To ensure accountability, the TCN team will provide the community an annual report of how the development funds were spent and what results were achieved.

Partnership - 9%

TCN will be working with high-profile developers, publishers, and IP-holders to bring their properties to the TCN platform. By bringing on popular apps with iconic characters and brands, TCN will acquire the mainstream appeal necessary to bring blockchain to the average consumer.

Team - 10%

TCN's team is committed to the 's long-term growth and success. All of the core team members have committed to developing the platform throughout the foreseeable future and have performance-based incentives tied into their agreements.

Ecosystem - 27%

TCN will use funds to implement frequent ecosystem upgrades to improve the platform and its users' Software development experience. Examples of this include on-chain governance, a BApp store, ecosystem fund, new social features, payment rails, and much more. TCN will provide an annual report of how the TCN tokens allocated towards the ecosystem are used.

Check out the “Ecosystem” section below for on how TCN will develop. A small portion of TCN tokens will be held in a multiuser cold wallet and remain in lockup indefinitely.

Strategic Partnership - 6.25%

TCN has plans to leverage strategic partnerships and advisories to expand across multiple industries and become the premier platform on the internet to play, socialize, and stake. By working with the biggest names in blockchain, Software development, and entertainment, can quickly establish itself as the industry standard. The Binance IEO and TRON investment are the first steps towards making this dream happen and there is only more to come.

Seed Sale - 15%

TCN will offer a new group of investors, up of leaders in their respective industries, the chance to become platform stakeholders through a special token sale. More details coming soon.

TCN Token Release Schedule


Effective on-chain governance requires new technology such as DAOs, cryptographic voting systems, and collaboration interfaces to be built, maintained, and updated. The TCN platform will take on this responsibility, and provide highly effective tools for BApp developers to utilize within the TCN software development ecosystem.

As a result, developers will be able to focus on creating premium BApp experiences, while allowing TCN to take care of the platform, system, ecosystem development, and maintenance. If all goes well, the community will be the greatest benefactors of this system. Users will be able to select from blockchain's most premium software development experiences straight from their web browser and rest assured that their cryptocurrency is safe in an ecosystem built by an experienced engineering team and rigorously tested to be safe and secure.

TCN will build this ecosystem through a process of constant self-assessment and development. Additionally, on-chain governance will be used to target and fund improvements. The community will have a strong say on which projects they want to see completed before updates are then launched on the network. The TCN software development will also include the following TCN support.

Developer Portal

Developers that join the ecosystem will be able to access the latest SDK, APIs, and technology documents needed to connect to the ecosystem. The portal would also include a set of tools for developers to utilize the blockchain, reward pools and mining systems, social features, identity management systems, wallets and more. This set of tools will allow both experienced and inexperienced developers alike to streamline their development process and bring users the best software development experience possible.

BApp Store & Content Discovery

After developing their BApps, developers can submit them to the BApp Store for easy distribution. If approved, it will be listed on the BApp Store in several different locations based on their category and popularity. The platform's editorial team will also review and recommend certain BApps from time to time, highlighting these BApps in premium spaces.

TCN is also working on building out a content discovery mechanism, where users can receive recommendations on new software s as well as incentives to try them out. We want to give newcomers to the blockchain development scene the chance to make it big, so fresh talent has a reason to stick around.

Developers also have the option to pay for promotional advertisements on the BApp Store to drive more traffic to their software. Pricing will be based on a combination of cost per mile or cost per location/time. The revenue from these ads will be shown transparently and aggregated to the platform revenue. A portion of these rewards will later be given to users based on their TCN Power.

As any Software developer would tell you, it's all about getting users to your platform and then working hard to retain a healthy community. As such, user acquisition and retention have been a major roadblock for most blockchain Software development projects since development teams have started to explore the space.

Many projects across Ethereum, EOS, and TRON have failed due to the costs associated with finding a user base. With many BApps entering around token economies and needing users to drive demand and liquidity, solving the user question has become of utmost importance.

The TCN box project was lucky to have a first-mover advantage on TRON and then leverage their experience in the Software s industry to maintain growth. The TCN team doesn't want low visibility and expensive UA to prevent more developers from entering the space. Therefore, the team will design the TCN BApp store as an opportunity for all projects in the space to acquire users more efficiently.


The community will be based on the existing TCN box community which currently has over 16,000 engaged traders. We understand the importance of social components in software development, so there are quite a few major updates in the works. Over the next year, the development team will roll out a revamped account creation system, a new chat system, friends list, gift exchange, and more.

Our goal is to foster a sense of community where users can come together to share ideas about Software development, crypto, or whatever else they want to discuss. Developers will have direct access to engage with these social channels to provide services, support, and even community engagement events such as promotional campaigns, or giveaways.

Payment Services

Developers can integrate TCN 's platform payment services into their BApps. The goal of this functionality is to make any payment as easy as possible, comparable to the simplicity of making an in-app purchase on iOS and Android app stores. Users can make payments using in their wallet, or from their credit card, debit card, or bank account. Users will be able to easily withdraw their cryptocurrencies to fiat whenever they want.


The team will be working closely with the TRON Link team to provide premium wallet services that will be optimized and expanded for the TCN platform's audience. In the future, TCN will expand access to the platform so anyone can pay no matter the type of cryptocurrency they hold.

Regulatory Compliance

TCN will fully comply with Software development regulations for different jurisdictions. The team has already started the compliance process and is in the process of obtaining relevant licenses in Curaçao and Costa Rica. The team is also planning to work with regulatory agencies around the world to get all the necessary documents and licenses.

TCN has made great efforts to ensure compliance with our interactive blockchain apps development platform. Both the Curaçao and Costa Rica licenses are expected to be obtained before the project's official launch. As a fully licensed and legal interactive blockchain apps development platform, TCN will eliminate the possibility of being shut down by authorities and continue to grow sustainably.

>Why did we choose Curaçao? Curaçao Software development is one of the oldest online software development regulators in the world and we will receive a master software development license issued by their Ministry of Justice. A Curaçao license has no restrictions on the territories with which its licensees intend to do business. Here are additional details for the license.


Together, the team behind TCN has decades of experience in blockchain and numerous other industries. We are united by our passion for blockchain technology and how it could revolutionize the traditional software building industry.

Like many others, Bitcoin's meteoric rise in 2017 caught our attention, and learning of the technology's potential fully captured our imaginations. Our core team members left their previous projects, started researching blockchain, and explored the possibilities of getting involved. TCN box started as a small side-project composed of the 3 founders but quickly grew to a team of 11 full-time members.

With an investment from the TRON Arcade Fund and the upcoming rebrand, we're looking forward to what the future holds. With members coming from teams all around the world, TCN is a truly global project. 3 of the 11 team members come from software and product management backgrounds, whereas the other four are blockchain veterans, participating in the industry as developers in addition to operations and business development managers.

Several team members on the Software development side also had a hand in developing and delivering top mobile Software development content, and we're excited to announce that these same people designed the Software mechanics and development of TCN.

The TCN team is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to create this product for the millions of blockchain enthusiasts around the globe. We are confident that we're the best team for the job, and will continue to add top talent to ensure the platform's success.