Techtoken Network Roadmap

Check how you can represent your Token and Community development road-map in timeline style.

January 2021

Website goes live ! started

  • TechToeken Network Ideation completed and the official website was hosted to represent the project to Tron Community.
February 2021

Token Creation on TRC-20

  • TCN Token smart contract was created on Tronscan
February 2021

Social media bounty starts

  • To reach more audience and increase the brand awareness, we hosted social media bounty with total of 2% in Airdrop
February 2021

Registration bounty starts

  • Registrations to Techtoken Network started, Users can create unique accounts to access upcoming features.
March 2021

Distribution of TCN tokens - 10% monthly.

  • TCN token distribution is live from this day, all rewards including register, referral and social bounty is being distributed directly to Tron wallets
March 2021

Pre-Sale phase 1 begins

  • We projected to start the Pre-sale from 15th march in 3 phases with initial price of 1 TRX = 3 TCN and impact on next phases.
April 2021

Pre-Sale phase 1 ends

  • Phase 1 ends on 5th of April and triggers the next phase from 6th April to 20th April with 1 TRX = 2 TCN and 3rd phase of 21st to 30 April with 1 TRX= 1.5 TCN
May 2021

Listing TCN token on exchange

  • The token is already listed on Justswap and the liquidity will be added after the Pre-sale is completed. The token will also be listed on other exchanges on the Go.